Far North

For Every Path That Is Taken, And Every Left Behind, Another Is Discovered.




At least I seem to be managing once weekly updates, ne? I seem to have uploaded the wrong html coding last week. The news was this: My computer is on its last legs. I have the money for my new laptop, but I need to set up some things and it may take a month or so to do it, depending on time, and etc etc. That, and I don't have any of my programs with me, not that all of them will matter. Mostly because I've opted to go for a Mac this time. Which means not all of my programs will be able to be installed. In the meantime though, while my Acer here remains on its last stand, I will continue the comic for the most part without the computer. It'll look a bit different, and while I'm not the best of artists, I don't think this update looks half bad in just b/w pencil. But for now, it'll do. ;3 On the other hand, my schedule after I end my contract in October will be mostly traveling. I'll be going up the entire coast of Oregon, through Portland, and then out to Des Moines, Iowa. I'll remain in Iowa for a little while, then back home to Denver to pick up my winter gear before heading back out to YNP. I've decided that this next winter will be my last season out in the park. Ok, Geez, I'm going to shut up now, for this is all too far into the future. Until the next update, Ciao. -L.Sibreria